Hoist replacements

Get the latest features and technology for your wire rope hoist?

When a hoist has reached the end of its productive design life, it can be more efficient and cost-effective to replace the entire hoist instead of just replacing components. A new hoist also allows you to take advantage of new technologies such as?TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring?or?Smart Features.??

Replacing your hoist can extend the lifetime of your existing crane and improve spare part availability.?It can also support compliance with current safety regulations and standards.?

Many makes or models of wire rope hoist can be replaced with a new Konecranes CXT or S-series hoist. Older Demag hoists can be replaced with the Demag DMR.?


CXT?wire rope?hoists improve load handling and simplify maintenance?

The CXT hoist has many features that ease load handling and maintenance. With Adaptive Speed Range (ASR), the motor speed varies according to the load. This allows for optimal speed and enhanced safety when handling heavier loads. Its service-friendly reeving design provides improved access to the upper rope sheaves and overload device, making rope changes, rope length adjustments and sheave replacements fast and easy.?

The hoist motor brakes are sealed and dust-proof. Built for low maintenance and trouble-free operation, CXT brakes are designed to require minimal adjustment and built to last numerous operating cycles.?

The unique placement of the motor inside the drum protects the motor from contaminants, while increasing the cooling ability. The design makes the motor and brake easily accessible for maintenance.?


Revolutionary new S-series?rope?hoist for more precise and powerful lifting?

Radically redesigned with never-before-seen features – both?inside and out – the S-series will set the standard in lifting for years?to come. The newly designed structure includes next-generation?features such as off-set reeving, stepless hoisting movement and?synthetic rope.?


Next generation reeving?

The tilted rope drum enables more?direct rope angles to decrease?the wear and tear of reeving?components. Offset reeving means?more balanced wheel loads for?less stress on the crane structure.?


New synthetic rope?

The evolutionary synthetic rope is durable but light?and doesn’t require lubrication. The rope features?a strong, symmetric structure for less rope defects?and safer handling.?


Smart Features for advanced crane control?

Rope angle measurement allows for the use of Smart Features?including:??

  • Hook Centering: Hook Centering greatly reduces side pull during lifting by positioning the bridge and?trolley directly over the load.?
  • Snag Prevention: Snag Prevention is designed to stop all crane movement if the hook, sling or load is detected?to be caught on an object.?
  • Follow Me: Follow Me allows the crane to be moved above the load by simply guiding the hook?by hand.?


Tap into the digital ecosystem?

The S-series hoist comes equipped with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring.?TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring collects condition, usage and operating?data and provides alerts of certain anomalies. The data can be used in?maintenance planning and in predicting possible component or equipment?failure and is an integral part of predictive maintenance.?

When you have TRUCONNECT - you have access to the yourKONECRANES?customer portal. Your TRUCONNECT stats and alerts can be viewed at any?time and insights can be gained by looking at anomalies, patterns and?trends in the data.?



Long-lasting?chain?hoists?that change?with your needs?

Konecranes chain hoists are designed for flexibility and durability in industrial applications.?You can use electric chain hoists at a workstation, on an overhead travelling crane or with a jib crane. Konecranes CLX?and C-series chain hoists?are ideal replacement hoists for all these applications.?


CLX chain hoist?

With CLX, the hoist motor is easy to access, maintain and replace. The same easy serviceability applies to the chain drive, slip clutch, hoist limit switches, electrics and gears. As a result, the maintenance time and cost for the hoist is reduced, and productivity is increased by shorter downtime.?

The brake is a critical part of the chain hoist and the safety of your lifting equipment. Our self-adjusting brake is designed to last the complete lifetime of the hoist.?

Konecranes patented chain drive causes less stress on the chain, which can enhance workplace safety while extending the lifetime of your new hoist. The brake and the slip clutch are features that reduce the likelihood of a load drop in the event of a clutch failure.?


C-series?chain hoist?

The new Konecranes C-series?has been?designed?to last?for?more than?a million operations.?The hoist features?an entirely new motor?that is both tough and durable.?With more effective motor cooling, heat is?reduced?leading to more power.?

The?gearbox?has been?purpose-built by us for the long haul.?The?lifetime lubricated gearbox?has been designed for easy service access and can help boost productivity with new lifting speeds. The?new safety clutch design?also helps enhance performance and safety.?

The new hoist shape and approach dimensions of the C-series give you more control and mobility?to working areas. Less vibration means more hoisting comfort and lighter structures make for better working ergonomics.??